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Pseikomusic was founded after the rap label Pseikorecords was dissolved. 
At the beginning I had the focus on Edm charts which changed quickly. 
Since I had a big preference for techno and hardtechno since my youth, 
I focused on my process there first. 
i had never published a track but made many projects. 
At the end of 2018 I found taste in the Hardtek scene, 
I already knew the music direction but love only came at the time. 
My favorite was always Billx or I was able to identify myself with this music direction.
My first track was a collaboration with Luca Skatek, Track Id Purge. 
From then on I went my way and combined different things.
Drum N bass with Psy, Psy with Frenchcore, Hardtechno with Hardtek etc. 
After some time I continued to publish tracks at Undergroundtekno, 
including a collaboration with Anticeptik (Track Id: Professional) 
Other tracks were also released with 5Dan Records with Gamm @ . 
My goal is to make good music and always find something new.